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GMP Warehouse

Providing over 100,000 square meters of secured, environmentally controlled validated warehouse space for regulated products.

Controlled spaces include

  • 25C Room Temperature

  • 25C / 65% Humidity

  • Refrigerated 2C - 8C

  • Freezer -5C

  • Freezers -80C

  • DEA Controlled Spaces - 24/7/365

  • Low Lux Controlled Spaces

  • Class 1 / Division 1/2

  • Stability Chambers

    • 40C/75rH​

    • 30C/65rH

    • 25C

    • -5C

GMP Manufacturing

Providing over 100,000 square meters of secured, validated environmentally controlled Manufacturing space for regulated (Sterile and non-Sterile), and non-regulated products. Powders, Solid Dose, Liquid Dose, Gel Products, and Softgel Products.

  • Blending and Mixing

  • Tableting and Capsule

  • Softgel Technology

  • Liquid Blending and Mixing

  • API and Excipient Manufacturing

  • Device Assembly and Combination Devices (Drug/Biologic Constituents

GMP Packaging
  • OTC and Ethical (Sterile and DEA Controlled Products;

  • Dietary Supplements, OTC and Ethical (Sterile and DEA Controlled Drug);

  • Drug Shortages and Small Volume Packaging;

  • Clinical Packaging and Labeling (Small Clinical to Commercialization Packaging and Labeling);

  • Solid Dose, Powders, Liquid and SoftGel Capsule Products;

  • Low Cost Contact Packaging Services for the regulated industry:

    • Bottles - Secondary and Primary Packaging

    • Blisters Packaging and Direct Package Printing

    • Tubes

    • Ampules and Sterile Injectable Viles

    • Kitting and Assembling

    • Logistics and Storage Capabilities

    • Environmental Controlled Packaging

    • Sterile and Non-Sterile Packaging

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